Trump Twitter 'hack': Dutch police question researchers

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Dutch police questioned a slot security researcher who said he had successfully logged into the US president's Twitter account by guessing the password.Last month, celebrity cyber detective Victor Gevers said he had access to Donald Trump's Twitter account with the password 'MAGA2020!'.The White House denied that it happened and Twitter said there was no evidence of the hacking.But now Gevers has released more information to back up his claim.In a police investigation, Gevers revealed for the first time that he had more "hacking" evidence than had ever been released.He did not disclose the exact information he had. But by logging into someone's Twitter account, in theory, they can:

View and send private messages

View tweets that a user has bookmarked privately.Access information such as how many people the account owner has blocked.They can also download archives of all the user data including images and text.A spokesman for the Dutch prosecutor's office confirmed to De Volkskrant newspaper: "We are currently investigating whether any crime has occurred.The spokesperson said their inquiry was It is "independent of the Dutch investigation" and is not based on US requests for legal aid.Police told the BBC that Gevers was investigated as a witness by the High Tech Crime Team and was not a suspect.The police had to prove the hacking. If prosecutors determine Gevers' actions are illegal and outside the scope of cybersecurity research, he could face up to four years in prison.Gevers told reporters of the hack on Oct. 22, Dutch news agency Vrij Nederland first reported the matter.Donald Trump's Twitter account has approximately 89 million followers.

Screen shot

Gevers said he was wiping out the Twitter account of a U.S. high-profile candidate on Oct. 16 when he guessed President Trump's password.He did not post tweets or change any settings, but said he took screenshots of certain parts of the president's account.He said he had spent days trying to reach out to Trump's campaign to warn them about safety that lacked special protections like two-factor authentication before going to a press conference.Two-factor authentication is a widely used security system that links a phone app or number to an account to add an extra step in the login process.The US President's account is now secure.


At the time, Twitter said: “We have seen no evidence of this claim. We have taken proactive account security measures for a group of high-profile election-related Twitter accounts in the United States as well as for government branches. Middle Twitter declined to answer further questions about the hack, including whether additional security measures were permanently enforced or the company still had access to the president's account activity.Mr Gevers' story has come under suspicion from some in the information security world as his screenshots may have been falsified.However, he claims there is a lot more information. He hopes that the matter will not be disclosed to prosecutors. But said he was ready if necessary

He said:I have evidence that is not included in responsible disclosure to the Trump team because it does not add anything to alert victims of the risks.I have shown some of it to a group of shortlisted journalists. The police asked me if I was willing to act, and I replied not, only in cases where there was an indication of misconduct, it would be unlocked. Archived content The BBC saw some evidence. But I haven't been able to verify that all the additional content is genuine.But Gevers said he stood by the story of the incident and hoped his actions were judged to be the norm of his work as an ethical hacker.

There should be no reason for the Dutch National Police, especially the high-tech crime team, to doubt my words, they know me, they know of my work for 22 years with the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure.I didn't 'hack' Trump's account, I didn't bypass any security systems because there wasn't enough security, I just guessed the password and then tried to warn his team about the risks and methods. modify"Earlier this year, Gevers also claimed to have successfully logged into Mr Trump's Twitter account in 2016.To log in, he and other security researchers used a password linked to another Donald Trump social network account, which was discovered in a previous data breach.In that case, Mr. Gevers claimed the password was another famous catchphrase from a reality TV star and politician: "Yourefired.
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