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Founded in 2019, Crypto Forum provides institutional and retail investors access to real-time and high-quality pricing data on thousands of crypto coins. Also, it acts as a platform for people to express their views on upcoming and ongoing ICOs, IEOs, and STOs. Crypto Forum allows for mind blowing and brainstorming discussions on cryptocurrencies. Thus, it gives people ample insights into the future of a particular crypto coin, helping them take a call on whether or not they wish to invest in that project.

Crypto Forum is a central authority for the most reliable and timely information on cryptocurrencies and anything directly or remotely related to the blockchain technology. It performs as a platform for the most accurate data. Hence, it bridges the gap between digital assets and traditional financial markets that used to enjoy the upper hand because of their ability to roll out whatever information that the investors demanded.

Comment and Earn

Weekly contests for users ensure that they demonstrate maximum engagement on the Crypto Forum platform. By commenting in the group and sharing relevant insights on any specific development in the crypto domain, the ten most active users can qualify for a collective reward of $100 worth of tokens. The most active participant would receive the lion’s share. All that it takes is liking our posts, commenting on them, and participating in group discussions every week.